Club Z

   in-home tutoring
and ACT/SAT test preparation

How Club Z helps Boosters Members

Club Z offers a substantial discount to Boosters members and donates 10% of their fees from Boosters members back to LTHS Boosters! Club Z will form small groups for standardized test prep with special pricing for LTHS Boosters members – click here for details!

New from Club Z!

Our corporate office has put together a really good resource to help you help your child succeed in a distance learning environment. A brief description is below and the links to the resource by age group. When you click the link below it will take you to the site and ask you to register. This is part of a broader marketing effort. You can simply x out of the registration and access the video.

I hope you find this helpful. Feel free to forward to anyone you feel might be interested.

“Distance Learning for Parents,” a Club Z! innovation aimed at improving parents’ role in the education process. There is a session for parents of elementary level, middle school level and high school level students. Each free session will cover how to identify a child’s unique learning style, overcome obstacles in distance learning, organize activities and deadlines using a family calendar, and much more at each level. Parents who participate in the program will also receive access to resources and tools to use with their students.

View the videos here: