Virtual Trivia Night


Registration is open for this year’s LT Trivia Night! We are keeping the tradition alive by hosting virtually (via Zoom).  No late-night Uber rides home needed this year! The event will be MC’d by Hambone Entertainment, an award-winning trivia contest provider. Sign up for Trivia Night here.

2021 LT Trivia Night | Date: February 6th Start Time: 7:30PM Duration: ~ 2 hours

Location:  via Zoom (link will be emailed to registrants)

Do you have a really smart second-cousin-once-removed in Omaha? Have her sign up and join your team.  The virtual nature this year allows you to include remote friends and family.  

Given the virtual nature of the event, we will be invoking the “honor system” that people won’t use the internet to research answers.

Please select the link below to sign up for the event and/or raffles. The money raised helps fund the LT programs, clubs and events supported by the LT PTC and LT Boosters. Thank you!

Like years past, the maximum number of team members is 10. Unlike last year, each participant can register for the event on their own (rather than requiring a single person purchasing “the table” for the team).  

Prior to the event, each team should have selected a captain and a (creative!) name. The captain will be the one person responsible for submitting the team’s answers via a Google doc. This process is straight-forward and will be explained during the event by the MC.

Also prior to the event, you will receive an email with the Zoom link for the event. When you log into Zoom, you will enter your team’s name. This allows us to create a breakout room for each team.  

When the game starts, the MC will present the questions for the current round and then transport everyone to their team’s breakroom where you’ll decide on your answers and have your captain submit them. We’ll do that for ~5 rounds.

This year’s winning team will enjoy the high coveted “bragging rights” until they defend their title (for free) in 2022.

Like last year, we are also running a couple of raffles:

  • LT Parking Spot Raffle: (2) LT campus parking spots for the 21-22 school year
  • 50/50 Spit the Pot
  • Wagon of Wine donated by pleasantdale class of 2020/LTHS class of 2024

Winners will be selected during Trivia Night. You do not need to be a trivia night participant to purchase and win a raffle! Please note, because of logistics, raffle tickets will not be sold during the trivia event. Please purchase ahead of time here.

If you have any questions, email us here.

We hope you’ll join the fun!