Boosters is seeking new volunteers for 2017-2018

The Boosters is a very rewarding experience and a great way to give back to LT with flexible volunteer opportunities without requiring an overwhelming commitment.

Over and over, we are told by LT administration and staff that our parents make such a difference, so if possible, come join us. Most jobs do not require previous training and we have a good time working together.

2017-2018 Open positions:

President – Manage meetings and help committee chairs get resources as needed. Time commitment averages less than 2 hours per month.

Vice President – Help LTBC president manage meetings and/or co-chairs to get resources as needed. This position moves to President the following year.

Secretary – This position takes the minutes of the board meetings and understands the by-laws of the LT Boosters. Time commitment averages less than 2 hours per month.

Other Ways to Support and Engage with LT Boosters:
  • Pride Walk Chair/Committee Member
  • Volunteer Chair/Committee Member
  • Publication Chair/Committee Member
  • BoosterWear Sale events
  • Fun Raising Committee
  • Attend LT Booster board meetings, open to everyone to attend.