Board of Directors

The business affairs and policies of the LTHS Boosters Club shall be administered by the LTHS Boosters Club Board of Directors, in accordance with the bylaws and in full cooperation with the policies of the school, its officials and personnel. No individual, group or organization shall dominate the activities of the LTHS Boosters Club.

The Board of Directors shall be comprised of 13 or more members, including four officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. In addition, there are two Advisory members of the Board of Directors, the school’s Athletic Director and Student Activities Director.

2018-2019 OFFICERS

Dawn Mitchell, President

Moira Madell, Vice President

Kara Sugarman, Secretary

Andrew Wolosewicz, Treasurer


LT Booster Wear:

Mike Bozzi

Gold/Blue Restaurant Cards:

Kara Sugarman

Lion Fest and Pack the Place:

Rich Bornhoff

Pride Walk:

Rich Bornhoff


Moira Madell

Publicity / Website:

Meg Frehner


Francesca Smith