2017 LTHS Boosters Leadership Award

On May 26, 2017 during Senior Honors Assembly at LTHS the Boosters awarded $25,000 in Leadership Awards to the following:

M. Linden, T. Madigan, T. Mikulski, L. Mochizuki, M. Ng, E. Sorrentino, C. Stelnicki, A. Townsend, E. Vega, K. Westrick, A. Denning, A. Domanchuk, P. Eggerding, A. Fatora, K. Hansen, E. Hawkins, M. Johnson, P. King, C. Konstant, G. Leader, C. O’Connor, K. Palermo, H. Pendleton, B. Sands, and P. Smith.


The Boosters were honored to have granted $25,000 in Scholarships at the Senior Honors Assembly.
Senior Honors Assembly 5-26-2017

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